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Australia & NZ


Awyn offers traditional Tantric massage sessions in Melbourne for women, men and couples who are seeking a more authentic and liberated expression of themselves and their sexuality. This includes but is not limited to, understanding yourself on a deeper level, enhancing your love life, and healing of past emotional baggage.​


Rachel’s specialty is working with men who have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or performance anxiety. However, Rachel has clients who will just come for the experience of a traditional tantric massage, even if they are already skilled in the art of Tantra themselves. Rachel also really enjoys teaching couples how to give a tantric massage.​


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and intimate healing with Sylvia at Tantra Perth. Her masterful tantra sessions are designed to enhance personal empowerment and profound healing. Through Sylvia’s skilled bodywork, individuals and couples of all genders are welcomed into an experience that fosters emotional depth and heightened self-awareness, leading to a greater exploration of consciousness.


In Mandy’s temple, you will find ease as she holds a safe space for you to explore the divine potential of your sacred sexuality. Mandy encourages you to remember the love and perfection of your body as it surges with ecstatic life force. You will connect to the wholeness and purity of your erotic innocence and pleasure. If you’re in Auckland, empower yourself to discover what you need through the experience of embodied awakening tantra.​

bdsm melbourne


Sai Jaiden Lillith brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been involved in the sex industry since 2015 and working at renowned establishments such as Temple 22 and the Kastle. Their extensive training has been honed through collaborations with local and international sex experts, enabling them to help individuals and couples alike explore alternative ways to enhance their sex lives.​


Explore the healing benefits of tantric prostate massage at Prostate Massage Perth. This centre offers a comprehensive approach to men’s health, focusing on both physical and emotional aspects. It provides a caring and distinctive experience for men from various walks of life and of all ages.


tantra boson


Participate in a transformative tantra journey with Simone at Tantra Boston. Her sessions, renowned for their warmth and profound impact, are pathways to personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Simone’s bodywork offers a haven for individuals and couples of all genders, aiming to achieve harmony, deep healing, expanded consciousness, and a deeper sense of connection.


Discover the peaceful integration of body and spirit with Simone’s tantric massage sessions. These sessions blend timeless tantric practices with contemporary therapeutic techniques, igniting your sensual energy and offering a refreshing retreat into tranquillity. Simone’s massages are available for both individuals and couples, providing a rejuvenating and enlightening experience.

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Tantra Near Me is a directory of practitioners – tantra, sacred sexuality, sensual touch, sex coaching and related professionals involving sensuality, sexuality, spirituality and intimacy.
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Amber at Tantric Hawaii utilizes the island’s stunning natural scenery as an ideal backdrop for couples seeking rejuvenation and a deeper spiritual connection. Through her skilled bodywork, Amber assists couples in finding a renewed sense of balance and harmony, while also helping to open new pathways in their relationships.

New York City

Embark on a journey of self-discovery in New York City with Sagarra at Tantric Massage New York. Her distinctive style of massage fuses relaxation techniques with tantric rituals, creating a transformative experience. Sagarra’s sessions offer a profound path to enlightenment, ideal for the bustling lifestyle of New York inhabitants who are in search of a deeper connection with their inner selves.

New York City

Begin a deeply sensual tantric adventure with Sagarra at Sensual Tantra NYC. Her sessions are designed to align the mind, body, and spirit, using sensuality as a conduit to heightened self-awareness and emotional liberation. Sagarra’s sensual bodywork provides a serene refuge for those looking to forge a deeper connection with themselves and alleviate the stresses and concerns of daily life.


Sagarra in Washington D.C., specializes in guiding individuals and couples through the transformative journey of tantric healing and sensual discovery. Sagarra’s expertise lies in creating personalized experiences that foster emotional and physical intimacy, leading to a greater sense of self-awareness and fulfillment. Her commitment to a holistic approach to sexual wellness and empowerment has established her as a respected and trusted figure in the realm of tantric massage in DC.​

Fort Lauderdale

Experience a distinctively holistic tantra experience at Tantra Fort Lauderdale. Their sessions create a secure environment for delving into both sensual and spiritual aspects of the self. With a variety of nurturing bodyworkers, they cater to both individuals and couples seeking personal growth and healing.


Explore the remarkable benefits of lingam massage in the lively atmosphere of Las Vegas with Tantra Vegas. Their transformative sessions skillfully blend age-old rituals with a contemporary perspective on spiritual and sensual well-being. Specializing in bodywork for men, these sessions are particularly beneficial in aiding the healing of conditions like premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Los Angeles

Aurelia, based in Los Angeles, is a distinguished Tantric Massage Practitioner known for her expertise in the art of sensual healing and awakening. With a deep understanding of the human body and psyche, she offers a unique blend of traditional tantric techniques and modern therapeutic approaches. Her practice caters to men, women, and couples, providing a safe and nurturing environment where clients can explore and enhance their sensual energy.​



Shedding layers of what does not serve us heals our wounds and reveals our truth. Be held in a loving, safe space throughout the process. Maria of Energy of Love, shares from a humble place and guides you on a journey of self realization and higher states of being.​

San Diego

Discover the intuitive and revitalizing touch of Danielle at Sensual Massage San Diego. Her tantric massage sessions uniquely combine sensual touch with spiritual practices, promoting both healing and emotional release. Danielle’s sessions offer a transformative experience for both men and women, guiding them towards a deeper sense of well-being.

San Francisco

Leela at Tantric Massage San Francisco delivers transformative and unique tantric sessions, merging her eclectic spiritual insights with her natural intuitive touch. Her sessions are distinctly nurturing, aimed at facilitating deep healing and a journey of self-discovery. She offers a comforting and secure space, especially for newcomers to bodywork, to encourage profound personal development and spiritual awakening.

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Tantra Near Me is a directory of practitioners – tantra, sacred sexuality, sensual touch, sex coaching and related professionals involving sensuality, sexuality, spirituality and intimacy.
If you feel that you should be listed here, enquire below.​

Central America

Costa Rica

Sagarra offers a unique approach to Tantric Massage, which she sees as a graceful dance that unites the body and soul. By guiding her clients through this practice, Sagarra can assist you in unlocking your energy, tapping into the potency of your breath, and embracing the blissful experience of intimacy and pleasure of true traditional Tantra. 

Europe & UK

tantra stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Elisabeth (Lisa) Björling has worked as a Tantric Massage Therapist, and Tantra Trainer, since 2011. She has had multiple Tantra teachers from all over the world, and has worked with a variety of sexuality modalities. Lisa now works with men, women and couples, offering a deep healing experience, and is especially passionate about helping her clients overcome sexual issues that are holding them back in their relationships. Lisa is located in Uppsala, 30 minutes from Stockholm center.
tantra massage practitioner

London, UK

K, a renowned Tantric Practitioner in London, specializes in transformative Lingam and Yoni Massages, Tantra Training, and Kashmiri Massage. K’s expertise in ancient Tantra techniques guides individuals and couples toward emotional release and stress reduction. Through these practices, clients discover deeper sensations and emotional healing, leading to a balanced journey of self-discovery and intimate connection. K’s approach is a blend of traditional wisdom and therapeutic healing, ideal for navigating life’s emotional complexities.

tantra london

London, UK

Deep dive into the art of tantric bodywork, focusing on women’s empowerment and healing through sacred sexuality. As a facilitator and mentor, Tamar is devoted to awakening the divine feminine within, using various holistic practices like yoni massage and rebirthing breathwork. Her services are tailored to both men and women, aiming to enhance spiritual growth, sexual ecstasy, and personal alignment. 


Explore the depths of tantra in Berlin with practitioner K. Known for her profound understanding of tantric principles, K’s tantra and sex coaching sessions are a journey for people of all genders into self-discovery and sensual enlightenment. K offers a unique approach to tantra that caters to people of all backgrounds who are seeking higher self-esteem, and personal and powerful life-transformation.


Koh Phangan, Thailand

Mani and Kate of Tantra Koh Phangan are professional Tantric Bodyworkers, offering private sessions for women, men and couples. Their authentic and traditional style of Tantric massage sessions is a dance between the body and soul, helping you to reconnect with your vital energy and divine essence. Sessions are offered in a safe studio, with a pure and loving intentions, so that you can heal and grow.​

Bali, Indonesia

Svetlana specifically works with women and provides a tantric massage experience fostering an environment of safety and nurturing, allowing women to unwind, refresh, and reestablish a connection with their own femininity. Svetlana promotes overall wellness and empowerment through her gentle, considerate Yoni Massage.

Thailand - Chiang Mai

Immerse yourself in an oasis of calm and spiritual revival at Tantra Chiang Mai with Julia. Her unique approach to tantra harmoniously blends ancient practices with innovative healing techniques. Julia’s sessions are an ideal retreat for those seeking to enrich their comprehension of authentic tantric massage in a setting that combines tranquillity with traditional Thai ambience. These sessions, welcoming both individuals and couples, are nestled in the verdant, serene landscape of northern Thailand, offering a perfect blend of peace and profound learning.

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