"It's impossible to touch a body without touching the whole person"

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Luna offers traditional Tantric massage sessions in Melbourne for women, men and couples who are seeking a more authentic and liberated expression of themselves and their sexuality.

This includes, but is not limited to, understanding yourself on a deeper level, enhancing your love life, and healing of past emotional baggage.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Rachel’s specialty is working with men who have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or performance anxiety.

However Rachel has clients who will just come for the experiencing of a traditional tantric massage, even if they are already skilled in the art of Tantra themselves. Rachel also really enjoys teaching couples how to give a tantric massage.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

"In my twenties I discovered what the practice of bodywork really is, and it became pivotal in my own journey of healing my physical health issues and my negative emotional patterns.

Receiving professional bodywork and surrendering to the experience helped me to really feel like me – which is one of life’s greatest and most profound lessons"

- Stephanie

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Karlyn specialises in trauma-sensitive tantric massage for men and women. She’s has been working in the field of Sacred Sexuality for over a decade.

Her passion is guiding men and women through transformational healing, and returning them to a sense of pleasure and safety in their bodies.

body tantra
Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Sensual Massage Gold Coast is a professional Sensual Tantra Studio offering by some of the best Practitioner therapy and techniques in the country. Whether you're a local, or someone passing by on business, if you want to relax, heal and grow, we offer a variety of massage styles to help.

bdsm melbourne

Sai Jaiden Lillith brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been involved in the sex industry since 2015 and working at renowned establishments such as Temple 22 and the Kastle. Their extensive training has been honed through collaborations with local and international sex experts, enabling them to help individuals and couples alike explore alternative ways to enhance their sex lives.

New Zealand

Auckland, NZ

In Mandy's temple, you will find ease as she holds a safe space for you to explore the divine potential of your sacred sexuality. Mandy encourages you to remember the love and perfection of your body as it surges with ecstatic life force. You will connect to the wholeness and purity of your erotic innocence and pleasure. If you're in Auckland, empower yourself to discover what you need through the experience of embodied awakening tantra.

united States

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Sexual energy, when saturated in sacredness, is the most powerful tool you have available to you.

Sacred Sexuality brings your spirit back into the ritual of love making. It takes sex out of just the bedroom, turns the lights all the way up, while penetrating you into your fullest embodiment of bliss.

Kiki Connects allows you to reclaim, and make sweet love to, your desires with reverence and honor.

los angeles
Los Angeles, CA, USA

My Tantric Life sessions are intended to connect you to the sacred divine within you through movement, sound, meditation, breathwork and bodywork.

You may experience embodiment, helping you fulfill your purpose on this planet.

Miami, FL, USA

Shedding layers of what does not serve us heals our wounds and reveals our truth. Be held in a loving, safe space throughout the process.

Maria of Energy of Love, shares from a humble place and guides you on a journey of self realization and higher states of being.

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tantra koh phangan logo
Koh Phangan, Thailand

Mani and Kate of Tantra Koh Phangan are professional Tantric Bodyworker, offering private sessions for women, men and couples. Their authentic and traditional style of Tantric massage sessions are a dance between the body and soul, helping you to re-connect with your vital energy and divine essence. Sessions are offered in a safe studio, with a pure and loving intention, so that you can heal and grow.


tantra stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Elisabeth (Lisa) Björling has worked as a Tantric Massage Therapist, and Tantra Trainer, since 2011. She has had multiple Tantra teachers from all over the world, and has worked with a variety of sexuality modalities. Lisa now works with men, women and couples, offering a deep healing experience, and is especially passionate about helping her clients overcome sexual issues that are holding them back in their relationships. Lisa is located in Uppsala, 30 minutes from Stockholm center.

tantra london
London, England

Welcome to Tantra Sacred Healing, I`m Shakti. Kundalini sexual energy is located in the base of our spine; most people are dormant like a sneak-in coil waiting to awaken the innate intelligence of embodied Consciousness. Tantra Sacred Healing will facilitate your kundalini sexual energy to rise. Path to intimacy and ecstasy. Recognition+trust +heart connection + inner power.

Central America

tantra costa rica
Costa Rica

Sagarra offers a unique approach to Tantric Massage, which she sees as a graceful dance that unites the body and soul. By guiding her clients through this practice, Sagarra can assist you in unlocking your energy, tapping into the potency of your breath, and embracing the blissful experience of intimacy and pleasure of true traditional Tantra.

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