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Essential Tantra Auckland

As a Somatic Sexologist and Tantric Practitioner, guiding men toward a more complete, mindful, and interconnected experience of their sexuality is my joy. Through the age-old wisdom of tantra, I help activate and awaken the body, complemented by home practices that foster a mindful and comprehensive approach to intimacy. My Tantric Massage and Initiation paths are journeys of exploration, growth, and healing. At Essential Tantra, working with me and our experts offers an escape from the cycle of sexual dissatisfaction, detrimental pornography habits, and unfulfilling encounters. We empower you to overcome these barriers, unlocking your potential to become a mature, multi-orgasmic man and a Tantric Lover.

Ellie can guide you in enhancing, awakening, and evolving your sexuality

Dive into wellness advantages, transform your sexual perspective, break free from harmful patterns such as pornography addiction, and unfold your true potential. Enjoy profound joy, relaxation, heightened erotic experiences, and rejuvenating sexuality.

Uncover the transformative essence of Tantric Massage in Auckland, a haven that invites you to stay present and deeply feel your body’s sensations.

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