Three Places to Learn the Philosophy of Tantra

If you are interested in learning more about the Esoteric Philosophy of Tantra, you might be wondering where to begin your journey. The good news is that there are many great places to get started. This article will provide you with information about Cathy’s Tantra course, Shri Kali Ashram’s Tantra teacher training, and Samma Karuna’s intense Tantra program. All three of these places offer a variety of training methods, so you should be able to find a program that suits your style.

Cathy’s Tantra course

Cathy’s Tantra course offers a comprehensive guide to this ancient form of spiritual practice. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of tantra, this course also offers workshops, which are more interactive classes led by a facilitator. While workshops generally have little or no theory, they will include a series of exercises, meditations, and techniques. You can attend these workshops alone or as a couple. Some of these courses are geared towards couples.

Tantra is a powerful spiritual practice, which is used to make things happen. This includes making the mind razor sharp, the heart utterly loving, and the physical body enormously powerful. Basically, it is a way of using energies without the aid of sex. When you learn the principles of tantra, you are empowering yourself to achieve your goals in life. In fact, you’ll find that Tantra will transform your life completely.

Shri Kali Ashram’s Tantra teacher training

The Shri Kali Ashram is a unique Shaiva-Shakta ashram devoted to the preservation and sharing of the ancient art of tantra yoga. The program emphasizes living life to its fullest and celebrating the journey. Those who are interested in becoming a tantra teacher may consider enrolling in the training. After graduating from the training program, you can share this ancient art with others.

The program at the Shri Kali Ashram focuses on re-construction of the mind, emotions, and body, integrating them into a fully integrated whole. The training program teaches advanced practices as well as the art of yoga for beginners. The program also teaches a culture of genuine independence and flowering potential. In addition, students learn how to cultivate their inner peace and bliss, and learn how to live a life of genuine freedom rather than play.

The program is based on the ten-year study of Traditional Tantra. Teachers live and practice on-site and teach asanas, meditation, Sanskrit, Puja, and Traditional Tantra. Teachers also train students in relaxation, self-awareness, and relaxation. Those who complete the program also gain access to the Ashram’s Tantra teachers’ network of mentors.

In the course of this 11-week Tantra teacher training, students practice daily, focusing on yoga and meditation. Throughout the training, students will practice various tantric rituals and exercises. These practices affect sexuality, mentality, and spirituality. And as the body continues to improve, so will their spirituality. In addition to tantra, students will learn the art of meditating, chanting, and pranayama.

Traditional Tantra Yoga comprises more than 50 asanas and works to balance the subtle energy system, or doshas, in the body. The approach ensures rapid progress in mastering asanas, as well as deep integration of the entire process. Advanced students will be able to further their practice in limitless ways, under the guidance of expert guides. This is a comprehensive, highly effective training that prepares teachers to teach Tantra Yoga and the philosophy behind it.

The yogic course is focused on making the student a well-rounded practitioner in Kundalini Tantra. During the training, students learn how to perform Kundalini exercises, the ancient rituals for self-practice, couple’s puja, and more. The course also focuses on the Kaula system, a system of Tantric tradition that focuses on the actualization of the Kunda, the sexual energy system. This balance eliminates neurosis, sexual dysfunctions, and psychosocial problems.

Samma Karuna’s Tantra intensive

If you are a yoga teacher who wants to teach the practices of tantra, the Samma Karuna Tantra Intensive and Teacher Training may be the right choice for you. This intensive is designed to give you all the knowledge and skills necessary to teach this ancient practice. The curriculum is comprehensive and focuses on developing the qualities of the heart. The school’s teachers also emphasize compassionate sharing, non-dogmatic lectures, and the development of heart qualities. The training program is conducted by a team of senior yoga teachers who are committed to teaching students the methods of tantra.

Participants are required to be completely brave and total in their training. Although they are never free of fear, the Tantra intensive teaches the students that it is possible to transform old beliefs and create new ones. Through new beliefs, students can experience an openness and fun that they never thought possible. Ultimately, they will be free to live their lives as they choose. This is the most important lesson of all.