Tantra in United States

Tantric Massage San Francisco

In the heart of San Francisco, a transformative experience awaits those ready to explore the depths of their sensuality and connection.

Sensual Tantra Massage San Diego

Danielle of Tantra Massage San Diego provides Tantric therapy to individuals and couples seeking a healing and transformative journey.

Tantra Massage Las Vegas

Tantra Massage Las Vegas is dedicated to offering a deeply rejuvenating and transformative massage for men through the ancient art of Tantra. Founded by our head practitioner who is passionate about holistic healing, combining traditional Tantra techniques with a modern touch.

Tantra Fort Lauderdale

Simone is our professional Tantric Practitioner in Fort Lauderdale, offering transformative Tantra sessions focused on healing and spiritual growth.

Tantra Massage DC

Sagarra loves to approach Tantra Massage as a dance between the body and soul, opening your energy centers, connecting you to the power of your breath, and allowing you to completely relax into intimacy and pleasure. Sagarra enjoys private coaching for women and men to re-discover their sensuality.

Sensual Tantra NYC

Tantra embraces all aspects of the your being – physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual. Our sessions are about becoming present with whatever is coming up within you, without judging it or labelling it.

Tantric Massage New York

Sagarra of Tantric Massage New York loves to approach Tantric Massage as a dance between the body and soul. Her services will open your sexual-energy centers, re-connecting you to your power, and allowing you to completely relax into recover.

Couples Tantra Hawaii

Amber is a compassionate facilitator who has taught Tantra for couples for 18 years and facilitated 11 Couples Tantra Workshops in various locations. She studied, trained and then co-taught SELF TANTRA workshops with Dr.Freddy Weaver (psychotherapist and author of many books). Amber also has studied non-violent communication and Sensuality 101.

Tantric Massage Boston

Simone is an expert in healing Tantric Massage therapy. She has been working in the field of Tantra for over a decade, and her passion is helping men and women transform their lives through this Sacred Sensual healing, returning them to a sense of bliss and peace within their bodies and minds.

Tantra Boston

Simone’s specialty is working with men and women who have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, problems orgasming or general performance anxiety.